Supporting Early Math Skills in Movement Class

Fall 2018 Class Article

Week #5

During the fifth week of classes we worked on the five basic math concepts ( Number and Operations, Shapes and Spacial relationships, Measurement, Patterns, Relationship and Change and Collecting and organizing information) through the utilization of movement and props. Here is how we focused on each concept in class:

Number and Operations - In our crawlers class, while sitting on the parachute, we sang 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. We shook the parachute with the corresponding number of monkey's who fell off of the bed. In our toddler classes we also used this song. With the help of our drummer, we rhythmically tapped out the corresponding number of monkey’s who fell off of the bed.

In our toddler class, we also performed our call and response activity where our drummer led us in a series of rhythmic patterns. We responded to the number of times he tapped on his drum by tapping with our rhythm sticks on the ground and on drums.

Shapes and Spacial Relationships - In our developmental movement exercise (Navel Radiation exercise) we stretched wide like a star and in small like a snail (big and small) while singing open shut them.

Measurement - Playing with different props. While physically handling, "mouthing" moving with and exploring the scarves/rhythm ribbons, octabands, therapy balls, rings and instruments your little ones learned about size, shape, weight and texture.

Patterns, Relationship and Change - We rhythmically tapped, shook and raised our rings high and low, side to side and on the ground in unison to Celia Cruz's song La Vida es Un Carnaval.

Collecting and Organizing Information - Cleaning up as a group. Putting different sized props into the baskets.

Here is a great article I found about Supporting Early Math Learning: Early Math Article



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