Primitive Reflexes in Children and Adults

Fall 2018 Class Article

Week #3

Does your little one walk on their toes? Do you have back pain when you sit in front of the computer for extended periods of time? Does your little one have a hard time picking up small items with their index finger and thumb (pincer grasp)? Perhaps these are signs of primitive reflexes that have not integrated. There are a couple of reasons that some children and adults still have some primitive reflexes in tact including a traumatic birth, not enough tummy time or too much time in propping devices. Primitive reflexes keep us alive in our first months of life but should all be integrated by 12 months. Primitive reflexes past 12 months are a sign of a neurological imbalance.

Luckily, there are several things that we can do to get rid of primitive reflexes. The best way to get rid of these reflexes is to actually do the primitive reflex. Our developmental movement exercises in classes address some of these concerns. Our Navel Radiation exercise to Open Shut Them helps with a retained Moro Reflex. In this exercise we are opening our arms and legs as wide as we can and curling back into a small ball into our midline. In addition, our Vestibular exercise, dancing in general space and bouncing on therapy balls helps us with our balance and coordination. Please find the article: Primitive Reflexes Article

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