The Development of the Senses

Fall 2018 Class Article

Week #2

Did you know that it takes 6 years for our senses to develop? This week’s article mentions that the development of the senses is the foundation for intelligence. This statement is explained here: "Our ability to receive information through our senses and interpret it will have great influence on our intelligence and our ability to read, write, or do anything. Without our senses, our mind would not have any way to receive information at all. Our potential for development is tied to our perceptual development, and our ability to use our senses is related to our early experience." Please find the article here: Article about the Senses

Touch, proper stimulation and appropriate activity are essential to developing our senses. In class, our tactile exercise (squeezing, tapping, brushing the body), playing with scarves and instruments, bubbles and the octaband are all ways that our little ones have an opportunity to explore their senses.

Enjoy the article!


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