"As a fitness professional, dancer and dance teacher with experience in working with children, I had high expectations when I signed my 5 month old daughter and myself up for Blooming Bébé.  Courtney exceeded them all!  The classes are beautifully organized, highly stimulating and include an educational component centered on infant development.   It’s so inspiring to watch Courtney encourage parents and caregivers to interact with their babies and each other. I have taken many infant classes here in the city and Blooming Bébé is THE one I recommend to every new parent I meet. I can’t recommend these classes enough!"

- Michelle (NYC)

"My 20 month old daughter and I enjoyed the toddler movement class with Blooming Bebe a lot. Courtney brought in different props every time and encouraged the little ones to dance, move, play instruments and simply have fun. Courtney is a very loving and enthusiastic person and we enjoyed the small group setup and the personal atmosphere of the class. My daughter had a great time and we both took along new inspirations and ideas for movement and play at home."

- Nicole M (NYC)

"My daughter and I both look forward to our weekly Blooming Bébé class with Courtney! As a first-time Mom still learning everything, I appreciate that Courtney takes the time to plan a baby development theme for each class. She even gives us scholarly journal handouts at the end of class about the development theme! I feel the class is helping develop my daughter's social skills as well. She loves meeting the other babies and the interaction is a lot of fun. Courtney has done an exceptional job at keeping the classes small and the children close in age."

- Lauren (NYC)

"I signed up for the Blooming Bébé class so that my son and I would have a chance to get to know other babies and mothers/caregivers. Courtney has created a curriculum based on child development that allows babies to experience music and movement in a peaceful and natural way. As a Montessori teacher I understand how important movement is to the physical, emotional and intellectual development of babies and young children. It was wonderful to watch my son respond with excitement when we sang a song or danced together in class. He and I continue to do many of the activities we learned in class and look forward to new classes in November!"

- Allison (Nashville)

"Blooming Bébé was the first class that my 3mo old and I signed up for as the summer started. I didn't have any expectations - I simply hoped that it would allow me to meet other parents and provide an interactive environment for my son. But it has definitely set the bar high for future classes! Weaving a mixture of dance, music, and floor play along with visual, auditory, and tactile elements, this class has proved to be not only entertaining but highly stimulating for a young baby who is exploring the world. It was fun seeing my son's eyes light up with recognition of activities we continued to do in class and at home. I liked the small group setting and as the teacher, Courtney made it feel like a small little family that both my son and I will miss. Wish I had the opportunity to do it again in the fall!"

- Nicole (NYC)

"Blooming Bébé was our favorite amongst a long menu of upper west side baby classes. The class was fun, dynamic, and moved at the perfect pace. I had the chance to watch my daughter explore her world and learned how to replicate the exercises at home. Our favorite part of the class was how inviting Courtney was. She is down-to-earth, supportive, and knows a lot about infant development. I'm always telling my friends about her class, and jump at the chance to recommend her! "

- Lindsay (NYC)

"We loved the class! Courtney's wonderful positive energy was a highlight of the experience. I think the best feature was that she had so many discrete, fun and energetic activities throughout the class. She clearly put thought into each class and kept it moving at a great pace for the babies. I love the mix of floor exercises and dance time with them and enjoy the interactions with other babies during the class. We are looking forward to the next session!"

- Lisa (NYC)

"Blooming Bebe is such a unique and special class!  We began when my son was 3 months old and it was the perfect first class for us.  Courtney's style is so easy going and welcoming.  The class is grounded in important developmental milestones but is presented in a wonderfully low key way that no other class seems to offer.   Our baby had so much fun each week and so did we!"

- Erica (NYC)

"Courtney creates a joyful and comfortable atmosphere to learn and dance with your child. I love the informative educational articles she shares and tips for activities at home"

- Jenny (NYC)

"My 7-month old daughter and I attended Blooming Bébé classes for the opportunity for her to interact with other babies. We were immediately embraced by Courtney, who created a supportive and relaxed environment. Each class introduced an educational/developmental principle that facilitated the activities used to engage the senses of each child. With every week that went by, I observed my little one become more and more engaged. It was wonderful to watch her  as she exhibited an increased independence and excitement as different exercises were introduced. We had a lovely time sharing this new experience together and we are looking forward to future classes!"

- Jann (Nashville)

"Blooming Bébé has been a wonderful experience for not only my baby, but for me as well. It has given me the opportunity to spend much needed quality time with him, while doing something that is not only fun for my child, but for me as well. As a busy NYC Mom, I find little time to find outlets to relax and unwind. At the Blooming Bébé class, I was able to have fun, relax, let loose, and connect with my baby as well as other parents, which I didn’t realize I needed so much. The music was great, the dancing was so fun, and the teacher, Courtney Corbin-Simone is accessible and keeps the class fun and upbeat. Would highly recommend it to any parents."

- Juliette (NYC)

"I would definitely recommend taking the Blooming Bébé course. A lot of baby classes kind of blur together in my mind as they all teach the same things but one thing that sets Courtney's course apart is that she begins each class with an educational lesson about why she is introducing certain exercises in that day's class and offers ways in which you can continue to develop that skill at home. She also encourages interaction between the moms/caretakers and babies throughout the class which is not something you see in other courses. My baby and I had a great time in Courtney's classes and will be taking more of her classes in the future!!"

- Gretchen (NYC)

"My baby and I had the best time in the Blooming Bébé class with Courtney.  He was 5 months old when we started, and it was the perfect first movement and music class for him.  We both loved the fun movements we learned to nursery rhymes as well as interacting with other caretakers and babies.  It was rewarding to watch him grow week by week through the class, and by the end, instead of him laying on his back for many of the activities, he was able to sit up unassisted for the most part! Courtney was so welcoming, warm and knowledgeable.  She also provided wonderful articles in each class that delved deeper into the importance between movement and development in babies, which were incredibly helpful. We continue to enjoy many of the routines we learned from Courtney daily at home, and we cannot wait to take the next Blooming Bébé class!"

- Sutton (Nashville)

"We tried other classes in the area recommended for infants and nothing compares to Blooming Bébé.  Courtney keeps the babies engaged from the first minute to the last.    It's not only a fun event in our week, but an educational time where we have learned how to assist our son with his physical, mental, and emotional development."

- Sarah (Nashville)