Rhythm and Grammar

Winter 2019 Class Article

Week #1

To kick off our first week back to classes, we had a tabla player in our toddler classes. He introduced us to some very complex rhythms and we learned a new vocabulary. He taught us a very simple tabla rhythm by clapping and what he called waving with his hands and using the sound "Da" while he played the rhythm on his tabla and we played on our drums.

Speaking of rhythm, please find a great article about the link between grammar and rhythm. - Grammar + Rhythm

"A child's ability to distinguish musical rhythm is related to his or her capacity for understanding grammar." This should be enough to delve into this short article.


Vanderbilt University Medical Center. (2014, November 5th). Links between grammar, rhythm explored by researcher. Retrieved from https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/11/141105101238.htm