Our Stories


Finding Balance Through Creative Dance

This week, we’re sharing a recent scientific study that measured the proprioceptive abilities of preschoolers who were exposed to an 8-week creative dance program.

How Do Infants Respond to Music?

This week, we’re discussing a study examining the reactions of infants ages 5-24 months to music. An experiment conducted to test the rhythmic engagement of babies with music versus speech found that babies are not only more interested in music, but actually respond to it with rhythmic movement!

Early Motor Education

Our article this week is focused on the importance of early education to the development of motor skills.

Your Child's Learning Style

“Parents and educators have identified three main types of learning - kinesthetic, visual and auditory.”

Cultural Awareness and Diversity

To celebrate Martin Luther King Jr, I am pleased to share an article called How to Teach Children about Cultural Awareness and Diversity.

Rhythm and Grammar

To kick off our first week back to classes, we had a tabla player in our toddler classes.

Don't Praise Your Child

“Good Job", Well Done, You are the best!” Do you constantly praise your child? Please enjoy this food for thought article about praising your children.

Attention Span

There are several ways to "work" to increase attention span, but being realistic about your child's ability based on developmental age and not pushing your child too much is the first step.

Sitting Still

I have shared this article in the past and think it is fabulous! This week's article is called Why so many kids can't sit still in school today.

Learning to Read

Can you imagine the challenges a 16 year old who can't read faces?