Baby Stress

We’re all aware of the ways in which stress can impact our health and livelihoods (especially as New Yorkers). Our weekly blog article discusses how stress affects our little ones. Some of the facts are surprising! Check out the article here:

“[W]hen parents experience ongoing, significant stress, babies absorb it. They pick up on their caregivers’ facial expressions and tone of voice—whether they are sad, angry, or happy—right from the start, and react accordingly.”

Many parents have incorrect notions about the capacity of their young children to pick up on their feelings. From a very young age, babies become aware of the emotional states of adults around them and begin experiencing these emotions on a personal level. Little ones are keyed into the facial expressions of adults and depend on those reactions for a sense of safety and wellbeing.

“A critical factor in nurturing healthy development is parents’ ability to read and respond in to their baby’s cues about how they are feeling and what they need to feel safe and secure.”

For parents, maintaining awareness of their emotions and stress levels as well as those of their children is crucial to ensuring healthy development. Of course, avoiding stress altogether is impossible. But considering ways to reduce stress and deal with it constructively is worthwhile.

“Tuning in to and taking care of yourself during stressful times is as important for you as it is for your child.”

How does your child react to stress? What are your favorite ways to help them feel comforted in upsetting situations?


Lerner, Claire. (February 2017). Babies and Stress: The Facts.