Attention Span

Fall 2018 Class Article

Week #9

Did you know that a child between 8 - 15 months can only focus on a single action activity for no longer than 1 minute? Between the restless stages of 16-19 months, children can focus between 2-3 minutes on a structured activity like class.  Please find the class article here:

There are several ways to "work" to increase attention span, but being realistic about your child's ability based on developmental age and not pushing your child too much is the first step. There are also gentle ways such as eye contact, repetitive language and "visual schedules". Our repetitive developmental movement exercises in classes serve as visual schedules. The children have an idea of what is going to happen next which allows them to organize themselves in a way that leads to greater attention. As your infants get older, they will be able to actively participate in the exercises and more class activities.


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