The Benefits of Movement

Exercising regularly can lead to improved mood, better sleep, and greater creativity for adults and the same applies to our children. The following research article examines the influence of physical activity on health in early childhood in areas such as attention, thinking, language, learning, and memory. Compiling the findings of 58 other research studies, the article found strong evidence linking physical activity in late childhood to positive growth in cognitive development.

“Independent of the children’s age category (early, mid, or late childhood), increased physical activity has been shown to improve cognitive function, especially in regard to working memory, V-S memory, and cognitive flexibility. Moreover, research suggests that physical activity positively influences verbal functions.”

Besides the primary faculties, learning social cues and exercising emotional restraint are also critical skills to develop during a child’s early education. Group physical activities such as sports were singled-out for its positive impact.

“It has been shown that engaging in sports is a protective factor against somatic illnesses and pathological behaviors. Sport provides an equilibrium between group-demands and individual-demands, between aggressive behaviors and self-control.”

Here at Blooming Bebe, our developmental movement and music classes always aim to provide a positive setting for our babies to engage in physical and rhymic activities. Physical activities help engage our babies in physical growth, rhymic dancing with coordination as well as verbal functions, and social groups for early behavior development. Beyond the research papers, the Blooming Bebe experience is engaging, educational, and most importantly fun for everyone involved! Do you have any questions? Visit one of our classes now!


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