This week, we’re sharing an article discussing transitions, why they can be difficult, and how as parents, we can use them as educational tools. While every child is different, many young ones find it difficult to be without an activity or to put down an activity they enjoy. Communicating what other fun activities will come after the transition and even including games and songs into the transitions themselves can help. Find the article here.

“Transform wait time into fun learning time. For example, when standing in line, play I Spy to find objects that are a particular color.”

In Blooming Bébé classes, we sing the cleanup song as we transition between different sections. Because the transition is also an activity, little ones are always eager to participate, even when it means putting away their favorite instrument.

Other strategies for smoothing out difficult transitions include planning ahead, and using visual prompts to signal that a new activity is soon approaching. Once your child is talking and learning to verbalize emotions, it is important to have discussions about how transitions make them feel. By learning why a child is resistant to ending a certain activity, we can make the transition easier by explaining that the activity can be returned to later in a different context.

“The importance of remaining calm during difficult transitions cannot be overemphasized.”

In addition to the main article, we’re sharing a bonus guide: How to Help Your Child Transition Smoothly Between Places and Activities.

Difficulty in transitions can be frustrating, but is a completely normal aspect of early childhood development. We hope you enjoyed this final blog discussion of the winter semester. Tell us about some of the difficult transitions you’ve overcome with your child, or the transitions that are still a work in progress!


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