Barefoot Benefits

With summer upon us and many new walkers joining in this semester’s courses, we think it’s the perfect time to share an article about the benefits of being barefoot on development. Parents can use this opportunity to let their kids work on sensory integration by letting them walk barefoot in the grass or experience the sand at the beach. Check it out here

“[T]here’s scientific evidence that barefooted is better. Among other things, it’s important to development of the nervous system and to optimal brain development as well! Turns out the feet are the most nerve-rich parts of the human body, which means they contribute to the building of neurological pathways in the brain. Covering them in shoes, therefore, means we’re eliminating all kinds of opportunities for children’s brains to grow new neural connections.”

This part of the article is extremely interesting. The author, a movement educator, details how the feet contribute to the building of neurological pathways in the brain and how shoes can negatively impact walking, balance, sensory development, and proprioception. 

Here at Blooming Bébé, we talk about proprioception a lot in classes. We develop proprioception in our exercises when we challenge our sense of balance by falling backwards, using therapy balls to bounce or roll in our infant classes, and by dancing in general spaces.

“The truth is, many podiatrists contend that shoes can be much more harmful to little feet than nakedness can.”

Of course, we understand it’s worry that keeps parents from letting their little ones go shoe free. Our skin is made to keep pathogens out and being barefoot actually toughens up the bottoms of feet. Don’t be afraid to encourage a barefoot playtime this summer!


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