Being Present And Mindful As A Parent

Are you attentive, non-judging and non-reacting in your interaction with your child? It's important to notice your own feelings when you’re in conflict with your child. Pausing and thinking before your response can help focus and listen to their viewpoint. These skills will help preserve the relationship all while providing a positive role modeling of how to handle difficult situations.

"When parents become stressed that becomes contagious; children know when their parents are tense and overwhelmed. According to Dr. Amy Saltzman, a holistic physician,  “Data shows that the greatest source of childhood and adolescent stress is not school workor peer pressure, but parental stress.” So being a good parent means learning to manage your own stress." -

It's important to stop holding ourselves to too high a standard. Mindful parenting helps everyone embrace the reality of the "good enough" parent and that's okay too, all children truly need is to be seen and known.

Here at Blooming Bébé, the experience is engaging, educational, stress-free and most importantly, incredibly fun! It's important for both parents/caretakers and the child to be interactive together and to help support children with exploring their optimal potential! We provide caregivers with information that enables an appreciation of their child’s developmental stage and touch techniques to ensure safe and continuous progress.