Sense of Self

Around two years from birth, a child’s sense of self begins to emerge. With newfound identity comes a world of possibilities for expression and for development of attitudes and perceptions. The article for the week lays out a roadmap of how the sense of self becomes realized as well as the implications of this milestone for a growing child. Find the article here:

“Children with positive perceptions of themselves have the best social and academic outcomes, perhaps because they focus on success and aren’t deterred by failure. Parents can help their child develop positive self-esteem by reacting positively to them and their achievements, and helping them to overcome negative events.”

The development of self and body awareness creates opportunities for parents and caregivers to contribute to their child’s self-image and sense of confidence. This is crucial throughout the formative years of early childhood.

“Regardless of how children feel about themselves, adding an ‘idea of me’ to their cognitive architecture changes the way they process information.”

The Blooming Bébé approach subscribes to the idea that children grow and develop best when they are encouraged to make new connections and noticed for their successes. In providing a safe space for Bloomers to watch adults and other kids dance, sing, speak, count and spell, we are allowing them to realize that they also have the capacity to do these things and do them well.

“Once a child’s sense of self is established, they are more likely to remember information that is related to themselves. This is known as the ‘self-reference effect’ on memory and emerges early on.”

Our classes balance group exercises with occasions for the little ones to contribute as individuals by saying their name or volunteering a color or number. Have you noticed your child’s sense of self begin to develop? How did their increasing awareness manifest in their actions and dialogue?

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