How Infants & Toddlers Develop Muscle Tone

Would you have ever thought that Tummy Time can help an infant develop muscle tone? Tummy Time is one of the most important positions for your child. It is an easy and fun way for you to help assist your child with developing muscle tone.

"Muscle tone is created by minute sense organs called the muscle spindles. Chandler Eliot (1970) was one of the first medical scientists to note the importance of watching for the strength of the twinkling, made obvious in small babies by their wiggling and squirming movements. He claimed that squirming movements in infancy is the basis for all higher motor development as it sets the basic tone of muscles." -

Babies can be born with low muscle tone but no one really knows the reason why. It is suggested that it can be genetic but building muscle tone is totally something you can work on after birth. Along with tummy time, there are lots of other ways you can help your child with muscle tone. Movement is one of them and so is touch. Stimulating your baby helps the vestibular system which controls muscle tone. It's great to keep your baby exercising and moving.

Here at Blooming Bébé it's a perfect way to build your child's muscle tone! So lets get our dance on!