Early Childhood Cognitive Development

This week, we are sharing an interesting article about early childhood cognition regarding movement and development. In this piece, the author expresses how childhood is a crucial period for cognitive development in a child's life. And, she explains this by analyzing the physical activity of both motor skills and cognitive development in young children. Find the article here! 

“It is suggested that promoting physical activity in early childhood may help develop motor skills. This postulation is echoed by evidence showing a reciprocal relationship, albeit cross-sectionally, between physical activity and motor development. Motor skills in young children are considered to be linked with various health outcomes such as adiposity, self-esteem, cardiorespiratory fitness, and cognition, among others. Hence, developing and implementing effective interventions to improve young children's motor skills have become a priority.”

“Today, advances in neuroscience have generated substantial progress in connecting the physical activity to brain structure and cognitive development. It is hypothesized that physical activity has a positive effect on cognitive functions, which is partly due to the physiological changes in the body.”

“It is also suggested that one's motor skills may influence cognitive development given that motor and cognitive skills have several common underlying processes, including sequencing, monitoring, and planning. In addition, both motor and cognitive skills may have a similar developmental timetable with accelerated development during childhood. In fact, the literature consistently reports that increased physical activity time in school has no detrimental effect on academic performance and may even enhance academic attainment, executive functions, and on-task behaviors in children and adolescents. In addition, emerging evidence suggests that active children tend to have better health and cognitive outcomes when compared to their less active peers.”

We loved this weeks article, as the author touched upon the importance of promoting physical activity at a young age, which is what Blooming Bébé was built upon. Our classes, have been carefully crafted to get children up and grooving in a physical, and rhythmic way. We constantly strive to help lead children on the right path to development, and we do so by putting a focus on development through touch, movement, rhythm, and bonding. Do you want your little one to join in on the fun? Click here for a list of our classes.