Learning to Read

Fall 2018 Class Article

Week #7

Can you imagine the challenges a 16 year old who can't read faces? This week's article mentions a little boy who couldn't read despite a lot of tutoring and extra time spent with him. Do you know what helped him learn how to read? Cross Lateral exercises on a daily basis! His parents  had him touch his opposite arm with his opposite leg and had him crawl.. yes crawl every morning. Please find the article here: Cross Lateral Exercise

In class, our developmental movement exercises address this cross lateral movement pattern. In addition, our bubble blowing allows our little ones the opportunity to cross from one side of their bodies to another.

Is your little one not crawling? No worries, if your little one skips  crawling and jumps to walking you can always encourage them to go back  to crawling and do fun cross lateral exercises with nursery rhymes like in class.


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