Your Child's Learning Style

Winter 2019 Class Article

Week #3

“Parents and educators have identified three main types of learning - kinesthetic, visual and auditory.” Please find this week’s article - Identify Your Child’s Learning Style

Did you know that tactile learning and touch is essential for a child’s growth in physical abilities, cognitive, language skills and even social and emotional development?

We address the importance of touch in our second developmental movement exercise in classes. In this exercise we squeeze, tap, pat and sometimes rhythmically and gently poke our little ones. This type of touch leads to proprioception (knowing where the body is in space), bonding and sensory integration.

In classes, I see a variety of personalities and learning styles. I have children who like to sit directly in front of me and observe while I teach (Visual learners), children who are constantly jumping, crawling or moving throughout the class (kinesthetic learners), those who sing all of the nursery rhymes and have a natural sense of rhythm and ability to follow directions (auditory) and those who float in and out (combination of learning styles).

What’s your child’s learning style?


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